• During 2011, Avina expanded its presence in Mexico with the objective of promoting alliances between Mexican networks and allies and those in Latin America. The organization is currently present in 14 Latin American countries, either through national offices or virtual staff. At the same time it works in another four countries in the region through supported networks.


  • Avina invested USD 9.8 million in 735 new initiatives in 2011, a 9% increase in the number of projects compared to 2010. These funds supported the sustainable development initiatives of partners and allies throughout the continent. Additionally, the total amount channeled to our allies through Avina’s direct involvement or influence was over USD 45 million.


  • During 2011, Avina registered 75 achievements that constitute concrete accomplishments that have benefited millions of people throughout the entire continent. Nine achievements that we recorded impacted directly or indirectly more than one million Latin Americans. Many of these success stories are described in this report.


  • Of the 115 members of the Avina team, 85% participated in an annual survey on the work environment of Avina. In 2011, our overall average of satisfaction was 89 out of a possible 100 points, while the market average is 76. Any result higher than 80 is considered very satisfactory. Avina’s overall average of 89 represents a considerable increase over a score of 83 in 2010.



  • At the regional level with partners and allies in several countries of the continent, Avina advanced in scaling up initiatives related to Energy, Quality Education, Patagonia, Migrations, Climate Change and the Chaco region. Collaboration platforms between the government, business and civil society sectors were created to define public policies and shared agendas.



  • With the objective of promoting the causes supported by Avina and its allies, in 2011 we entered the world of social media, establishing a presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube that is reaching thousands of people.


  • Through external consulting and staff participation, Avina toward the end of 2011 began its strategic planning for the 2013–2017 period. This includes a review of key concepts, reflection on Latin American trends and the global context, and definition of objectives for the next five-year period.


  • After more than ten years of contributing to the development, diffusion and refinement of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Latin America, Avina documented its key learning in this important arena. Through interviews with dozens of participants in the CSR movement throughout the entire region, some conclusions and recommendations for the future were compiled into
    In Search of Sustainability, a memoir that is available electronically.


  • Avina collaborated with other international organizations and participants in the creation of a Global Social Progress Index to improve the way that country performance and development is measured internationally.