VIVA Trust is the main source of funds administered by Fundación Avina. Since 2008, Avina has actively sought to establish co-investment alliances with other philanthropic organizations to increase the quantity and quality of resources available to promote continent-wide strategies with its allies in Latin America.


Investments in Latin America since 1994

  Argentina 27,300 511  
  Bolivia 7,164 414  
  Brazil 41,006 2,683  
  Chile 19,950 622  
  Colombia 3,043 266  
  Ecuador 5,502 718  
  Central America and Mexico 13,176 386  
  Paraguay 17,839 219  
  Peru 13,696 279  
  Uruguay 1,377 106  
  Venezuela 1,134 98  
  More than one country 201,703 3,458  
  Total 352,889 9,759  
  Values in thousands of US dollars.
The table and charts reflect the cumulative total investment in each country when the investment was directed at a single country. In the cases where an investment by Avina was directed at two or more countries, it has been classified as “More than one country.”


Since 2009, Fundación Avina has had a strategic alliance and close relationship with Avina Americas, an independent organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., Avina Americas' goals include expanding the awareness in the United States of causes that both organizations promote in Latin America. This close collaboration allows us to provide a timely and complete picture of our joint actions, and makes it easy to consolidate operating results under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). These consolidated financial statements, audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, are available from Avina upon request.

A sizeable portion of the resources that Avina channels from other sources for the strategies that we prioritize is directly transferred to our allies in Latin America. In some specific cases, either Fundación Avina or Avina Americas receives and manages funds from co-investors. The following table illustrates Avina’s different sources of income in 2011: