Since 2008, Fundación Avina has made steady and significant progress in the development of its global relations strategy, expanding and strengthening the bonds between Avina and its allies, and expanding the scope of its work with civil society, institutions and global networks.

We seek opportunities in our alliances to contribute to social change in Latin America by identifying allies and developing trust with them, to promote common objectives through shared agendas for action. Many of our alliances are with local citizens' groups in Latin America, but several of Avina's most high-impact partnerships are with international allies who share our vision
for change.

Alliance Expansion with The Coca-Cola Company

Avina and The Coca-Cola Company late last year decided to build upon a successful partnership that has promoted closer work with recycling cooperatives throughout Latin America. In December 2011, Coca-Cola pledged to support Fundación Avina’s water access strategy through the “Initiative +WATER.” This new partnership with Avina will initially focus efforts on Argentina, Peru and Chile, areas where access to water resources is a critical issue for a significant portion of the population. The longer term goal is to expand the initiative to other countries in South America and Central America.

Avina and Coca-Cola will launch 16 specific programs of action that address several aspects of water access, including access to water in urban and suburban areas, water collection in rural areas, water purification and sustainability of conservation activities. The initiatives are expected to generate immediate benefits as well as longer term environmental improvements like replenishment of underground water sources in areas with chronic shortages. Coca-Cola recognizes the value of operating in an environmentally sustainable manner, returning water to the communities it serves so that they can enjoy a better quality of life.


Central America and Mexico Migration Alliance (CAMMINA)

In 2011, Fundación Avina, the Ford Foundation, and George Soros' Open Society Foundation came together to form the Central America and Mexico Migration Alliance (CAMMINA). The objective of the alliance is to promote migrants’ rights while working for lasting changes in public policy that contribute to sustainable economic development that make migration an option instead of a necessity for local citizens.

CAMMINA links together key allies in the region quickly and effectively by sharing knowledge, information and other resources, allowing the alliance to achieve a far greater impact through cooperation than it could if members were to act on their own. The alliance set up a common fund to support joint action focused on its regional strategy in Mexico and Central America. In its first six months of operation, CAMMINA has reached out to a broad spectrum of relevant organizations that can help it achieve its mission, analyzing more than 30 investment proposals and approving funding for seven high-impact projects at the regional level.


Alliance for Sustainable Development with CAF

The Latin American development bank, CAF, signed a five-year alliance with Fundación Avina to advance both organizations’ interests in promoting sustainable development in Latin America. The alliance aims to establish a framework for technical and financial collaboration that will enable an enhanced capacity for collective action that advances reform agendas. Initial areas of focus are in promoting inclusive business practices; fair, democratic and sustainable cities; access to water; recycling; the environment. The two organizations may also decide to embark on additional initiatives that they identify in the future.


Avina Americas Advances towards the Consolidation of Alliances for Latin America

Avina Americas continued to expand its reach in 2011 through coordinated action with Fundación Avina and allies in Latin America and the United States. Through a growing portfolio of alliances with global organizations, Avina Americas invested more than USD 3 million in Latin American initiatives that included Amazonian Biome protection and others geared toward creating more sustainable cities, inclusive recycling programs and more sensible immigration policies. Visit for frequent updates on progress made by both Avina Americas and Fundación Avina in advancing common agendas in the region.