Since 2006, Fundación Avina has measured performance by using both financial and non-financial indicators. Known as the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), this method of evaluating results consists of a strategic map of institutional objectives and compares those to performance. Management achievements are measured according to several BSC criteria that include finances, social investments and the services we provide.

Below are some results from 2011.


Table 1 – Goals, Results and Process Achievements of 2011


Table 2 – Level 1 Achievements:
Avina’s Contribution 2009–2011


Table 1 provides a glimpse of the achievements made by Avina and its allies in 2011. Each change we contribute to is registered as an “achievement” and those changes that impact more than 1 million people and in which Avina’s contribution was significant we call a “level 1 achievement.” In 2011 we contributed to 75 concrete advancements in Latin America; with nine of these achievements impacting at least 1 million people. Although we were unable to meet our goals in each achievement category, the results were still largely positive.

Avina is pleased to have significantly exceeded its goal for process achievements. "Process achievements" are key advances in long-term change processes that are essential but do not yet represent a change to the status quo. They are important indications of progress, milestones on the way to producing desired outcomes. Table 2 illustrates that Avina’s contribution to the level 1 achievements was significant.


Table 3 – Level 1 Achievements by
Type of Change 2009–2011

2011 represented the fifth year in which Avina tracked its contributions to change in the region. Internal reporting mechanisms allow us to analyze results and assess our performance and institutional added value. Since 2007, Avina has contributed to 61 Level 1 Achievements, changes in Latin America that reached 1 million people directly or indirectly. As seen in table 3, more than one-third of these achievements were changes in public policy.

Avina program contributions
USD 22 million
USD 24 million
Mobilization of third parties
USD 24 million
USD 24 million
Total mobilized
USD 46 million
USD 48 million
Avina Adminsitration
USD 5 million
USD 5 million

Table 4 – 2010–2011 Financial Mobilization

From Table 4, you can see that the level of resources that Avina mobilizes for the causes it supports remained the same from 2010 to 2011. The amount spent on administration did not increase either. There was a slight decrease of Avina’s direct contributions in 2011, due mainly to significant disbursements scheduled for the last quarter of 2011 that were postponed until the first quarter of 2012. Avina hopes to surpass these levels of support in 2012, in part through investments in internal management systems that can boost administrative efficiency and help us better manage the resources that we receive. It should be mentioned that the Avina program contribution includes both social investment (donations) as well as the direct action of Avina’s team.